What Nobody Really Tells You About Being Alive

To someone who needs it:

What nobody really tells you about being alive is that sometimes life is going to completely suck and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Of course, starting from when we are young, we have “bad” days and our parents or other people around comfort us and tell us everything’s going to be alright, but don’t you just wish someone would have just sat you down and straight up said that “yeah, this is awful, it’s going to be awful, because awful things happen in life.”  Even though this might not help at the time, it’s simply true.  And the sooner you can accept that, the better off you’ll be.

What nobody really tells you about being alive is that your whole life can change within seconds.  You can wake up one morning and find out that people you thought cared about you, could actually have cared less.  You can find out while you’re in the middle of a party one weekend that some of your family members have been hospitalized and they don’t know what’s wrong.  You can realize that you have lost track of yourself and your goals, and have to change your life. And you can lose everything faster than you can even imagine.

What nobody really tells you about being alive is that some people tend to think they’re invincible to life’s problems and appear to have everything together.  What nobody also tells you is to stop comparing yourself to those around you.  “You should be more like this person, look what she just did, I’m so jealous of so and so…”  Far too often we are always concerned with what others are doing, rather than focusing on ourselves.  So what if someone gets a 4.0 GPA and you didn’t?  Who cares if someone you know just won an award, but the biggest achievement of your day is getting up and out of bed?  In reality, we’re doing much better than we think, but the important part is doing the best for ourselves.  Just for us.

What nobody really tells you about being alive is that sometimes things don’t happen for a reason.  To put it bluntly: terrible stuff happens in the real world, all the time, and sometimes there are no “good” underlying reasons for this terrible stuff to happen. Although this seems a bit pessimistic, it’s important to remember that if something horrible happens and you can’t seem to find a positive spin on it, there might not be, and it’s perfectly fine to grieve.  Sometimes grieving an awful event can help us to move on.

What nobody tells you about being alive is that sometimes you are going to want to die. You are going to want to die, because life seems unbearable, and the only way out in your opinion is to stop living it.

But, what nobody tells you about being alive is that things actually do get better, but you will not believe this during a time of crisis.  In fact, that is probably the worst thing you want to hear when going through a rough time.  Sometimes it helps to look around at the world around you and notice that life is still continuing as normal, and know that your life will continue, too.  Think about a time in your life where you thought you could never get through, and remember that you did, and where you are now.  Things will get better, but you don’t have to believe it at first.

-someone who is going through their own rough patch and needed these reminders.


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